family photos


Here is the link to our YouTube Channel

Here's the YouTube video from our Rudzinskas Family Reunion

Here's the YouTube video of Judy and Virginia from Judy's 2015 trip to California.

Kathy, Virginia, John and Jane.

Kathy, Virginia, John and Jane

John's sister Jane being Jane!

John's sister Jane being Jane

John's family. Kathy, John vV, Jane, brother and mom Elena and John.

John Rudzinskas with mom and sister

John and his lovely mom.

John and his mom

John by his sister Jane's husband, John vV and Jane and his sister Kathy A

John and his sisters Jane and Kathy

Birute and John Svera

John and Birute Svera

John's sister Jane and his mom Elena

Jane and mom Elena

John and his mom danciing

John dancing with his mom

John's sister Jane and her husband

John and Jane vonVoros

John's sister Kathy

John's sister Kathy A

Virginia in Colorado

Virginia in Colorado


John's mom, his sister Kathy, brother Dave and John

Mom Kathy Dave and John

John, Virginia and mom

John and Virginia Rudzinskas with mom

Virginia Rudzinskas in Aurora, CO

Virginia Rudzinskas

John's sister Jane, his sister Donna, his mom and his sister Kathy in CA

Jane, Donna, mom and Kathy

Mom, Jane, John, Donna, Kathy & John vV having dinner at the house.

Having dinner at the house with John's family

Jane, John, his sister Kathy and John vV

John and his family in our living room

Donna, Jane, John, Kathy, John vV and mom

John's mom and his sisters at our house

Donna, Virginia, Kathy, John, Jane and mom in our living room

John's family in the living room

Virginia, Jenn and mom in the kitchen

Virginia, Jenn and mom in the kitchen

John, Jenn and John's mom in our kitchen


John, Jenn and his mom in our kitchen

Virginia and her sister Mary

Virginia with her sister Mary

Virginia and her brothers Perry and Angelo and sister Mary

My brothers, Perry on left and Angelo, our sister, Mary on the right and me

Aunt Morella and Virginia

Virginia's Aunt Morella

John, aunt Morella and Virginia

John, Virginia and Aunt Morella