Recent Trip pictures

Recent Trips

We went to the Sacramento Zoo; here is a link to the YouTube Video we put up on our YouTube Site.

These are pictures from our most recent overseas trip to Europe. We visited Scandinavia - Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We did individual pages for the countries but here are some of our favorite pictures from that vacation.

Nyhavn, Denmark

Nyhaven, Denmark

The Palace, Denmark

The Palace, Denmark

The Little Mermaid, Denmark

The Little Mermaid, Denmark

Brahehus Ruins, Sweden

The Ruins, Sweden

Skansen Open Air Museum, Stockholm area, Sweden

The Church, Sweden

This is a picture of Stockholm's City Hall. Their city hall looks more like a palace!

City Hall, Sweden

Vasa Ship Museum, Sweden

John and Virginia standing with one foot in Sweden and one foot in Norway on the border.

Sweden Norway Border

This is a viking ship iin the Viking Ship Museum in Norway

Viking Ship, Norway

Stave Church in Torpo, Norway

Stave Church in Torpo Norway

Kon Tiki Ship Museum, Oslo Norway

Kon Tiki Ship, Oslo Norway

Authentic Stave Church, Borgund, Norway

Stave Church Borgund Norway

Waterfall on National Tourist Route Hardangervidda_Norway

National Tourist Route Hardangervidda_Norway

Olympic Stadium Ski Jump_Oslo Norway

Olympic Stadium Ski Jump_Oslo Norway

Opera House, Norway

Opera House, Oslo Norway



Waterfall in Norway

Waterfall, Norway


These pictures are from Auburn, Sacramento, Ft. Bragg, Davis and other areas around Sacramento.

John and Virginia visiting Auburn, CA

Virginia in Auburn

John in Auburn CA

John and Virginia in Downtown Sacramento CA

Breakfast at Eggheads in Ft. Bragg, CA

John at Eggheads for breakfast in Ft. Bragg. CA

John on the Skunk Train Trip in Ft. Bragg CA to Willits CA

Virginia on the Skunk Train trip from Ft. Bragg to Willits CA