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John and Virginia Rudzinskas

We were married in 1989 and have enjoyed 28 years in sunny California. We both enjoy traveling, computers, digital photography, hiking, political science, reading and gourmet cooking. Because of the cooking, we enjoy working out together! John also enjoys music, electronics, programming and playing guitar. I enjoy rocks, gems and minerals, making and wearing jewelry, designing dichroic glass wearable art, gardening, scrapbooking, and posting my electronic cookbook, located under "Recipes" on our site. The photo to the left is from one of our trips to the midwest.

Here are a few of our favorite photos of our home at different times of the year. We've enjoyed some wonderful sunrises and sunsets.
Our home

We found our home in 1993 and have been remodeling it ever since! Seems like there is always something that we need to do. When we bought the house, it had a dirt driveway which was charming, but the dust was a bit much so we gave up the country look for a paved driveway. John closing the glass sliders at duskThis is a picture of John closing up for the evening with a colorful sunset in the background. The sunsets are most colorful during the fall and winter months. As the pictures below show, the sky is always different and interesting to behold.

Here's a picture of our cat we had for 20 years.

Our cat

We'll often grab our camera and run outside to take a photograph before the lighting changes, which it does very quickly. We've missed many a great picture but captured a couple interesting ones which we've added below. October is always a great month for pictures with all the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

One of our favorite sunrisesSunny fall day, side yard by office deck.

Backyard sunsetBackyard sunset with mushroom like cloud.