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At the bottom of the column to the left is a list of places we've visited like Banff, Columbia Ice Fields, Jasper, Bow Valley Parkway, British Columbia, Lake Louise, Maligne Lake in Jasper and Moraine Lake in Banff as well as the Canada border to Banff etc.

Steam Powered Clock in Vancouver BC

There are only two steam powered clocks in the world and this one in Vancouver is one of them. You can see the inner workings of the clock through glass panels. It noisily hoots and whistles every 15 minutes as steam pours out of vents at the top and sides. We just happened upon this as we were wandering the streets of Vancouver.

The 1,000 acre Stanley Park is the city's first park. As we were exploring this beautiful resource, we came across these totem poles. Each totem pole has a special relationship with the land on which it stands and has a story connected to it. There is also a popular seawall for hiking and biking but we didn't have the time to visit that part of the park.Totem Pole in Stanley Park

When we left Vancouver, we went to see the romantic waterfront city of Victoria.

There were colorful flower gardens every where.

There are sightseeing, walking, hiking and biking routes We'll explore them on a future trip.

John will Bullwinkle

Here's JR with Bullwinkle! We flew into Toronto, rented a car and drove to the Canadian side of the falls. We enjoyed seeing Niagara Falls from a Canadian perspective. Interestingly, the name of Niagara Falls is believed to either originate from the name of the Ongiara Indian tirbe, the first inhabitants of the region, or from the Iroquois word "Onguia-ahra" ("The Strait").

Casa Loma, Toronto Canada


Casa Loma sits just a few miles outside the city of Toronto. This magnificent castle was built by Sir Henry Pellatt. It was built between 1911 and 1914 and cost about $3.5M to build. The medieval style castle is adorned with stately towers, secret passageways and grand rooms. It is surrounded by splendid gardens.

Joh at Casa Loma

Virginia in Canada



Castle Door, Canada







Virginia in Casa Loma, Toronto, Canada