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John and Jenn in MexicoJohn, Jennifer and I visited Tijuana in 1989. We were able to walk across the border which involves walking through revolving gates. There are several officials but no one spoke to us or asked any questions. Once in Mexico, we were greeted by a strip of souvenir stores, bars and arcades where people were looking for bargains on leather goods, perfume, and handicrafts. We stayed for most of the day and went back to San Diego to spend the night.

John and Jenn in Mexico

John and Jenn

The Blow Hole, Ensenada, Mexico


The blow hole, ensenada mexico

We didn't visit Mexico again until 2002 when we took a short cruise and disembarked at Ensenada, Mexico and saw the famous Blow Hole and some of the city. We walked around and ended up at Hussong's Cantina. The crowd was a mix of Mexicans, Americans and other interesting types. The Mariachi music competed with the mild roar of the happy tourists.

This was our first cruise. We left Los Angeles and went to San Diego, Santa Catalina Island and on to Ensenada. We enjoyed it and plan on taking a longer cruise to see the so called Mexican Riviera. This picture is taken in Ensenada, Mexico.


Ensenada, Mexico











blowhole mexico








Ensenada, Mexico









Hussong's Cantina, Ensenada, Mexico










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